New D20 Key Chains!

You asked and we made it happen! 

Like the rest of our key chains, we made these rad little D20 key chains from reclaimed oak wood. They have a great feel and durability. 

Perfect for your keys, zipper pulls, or backpack/bag adornments. 

Keeping it short and simple today. Sun is out and we have a TON of product photos to take!

Lasers and love - Thea

8 bit Hearts and Liking Most Things About You

After much teasing, I finally listed our 8 bit heart cupcake toppers! Honestly, we're not Valentine's Day people so admittedly, I did drag my buns posting them. Apologies to the 8 bit lovers out there who wanted to get a jump on them for Valentine's Day. 

They are awfully sweet and I pictured them used at party or even a wedding! 

On a more truthful oriented wall art note, we did recently introduce our newest sign just in time for "love season". 

You know, for the times you want to your loved one some real honestly about your love. When you're in a long term love we know that "most things" is realistic and honest and quite frankly endearing. Most is better than very little or none. 

Ah love... we'll be rolling out a few more new items along the love lines soon. Later this week we'll be announcing our newest stockist and tomorrow I'll share a bit about a little project we did over the weekend for a family member. 

Lastly, Happy Lunar New Year for those who celebrate it!

Lasers and love -Thea

Last chance for Priority Mail TODAY and a sale on discontinued stuff!

We’ve been busy cleaning up post craft show season. We’re also already looking ahead at what’s next for us. We’ll be at the Seattle Gift Show next month along with new and redesigned items.

So we do have a small handful of items that will be discontinued. I’ve posted a few at discounted prices over in our Etsy shop:

I’ve also included a few display signs that were used at events and shows. Get them while they are hot!

2015-12-19 12.43.42.jpg

To my fellow procrastinators, today is the LAST DAY for USPS Priority Mail shipping. We are headed out with our last orders around 3pm today. If you miss out and still want something sent, it will cost ya, but we can arrange it- just shoot us a note.

On a personal note, college kid #1 is coming home today; volleyball kid had a practice at o’dark thirty this morning what a way to start my birthday week (my birthday is Friday –yep THAT day). This week will be ending with the college kid #2 moving out. He waited to start his adventure until winter quarter. The party never ends over here.

I hope you all have short workweeks this week!

Lasers and love -Thea

Holiday Shipping Schedule 2015

A little late in the day here for a blog post. But I wanted to make sure that I posted this very important information before this weekend!

Holiday shipping schedule for 2015!

This Thursday (November 26, 2015) is the U.S. Thanksgiving Day - No post. We'll resuming shipping on Friday November 27, 2015.

We'll ship daily through out the holiday season and I will be updating some of our items turnaround times to shorter ones. We are limiting color selections and customizing options to able to ship out quickly.

We will be in Portland, Oregon at the Super Colossal Crafty Wonderland Winter Show December 11-13. We will be unable to ship those days but will resuming shipping on Monday December 14, 2015. 

To receive your items by Christmas. Orders must be received December 19, 2015 (First Class & Priority US Mail)  for Christmas arrivals. We are willing ship until December 24, 2015 via FedEx & USPS Priority and Overnight mail services at an extra cost, but no guaranteed Christmas arrival. 

Whew! I wanted to post all of that information before this Thursday. I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday! We hope you have a good one or at least survive it the best you can. 

Lasers and love - Thea


Pop-up Villages!

Being laser art designers there's a lot of pressure to either create kits or intricate boxes. It's the basic thing for a laser cutter to do.  I'm personally not a fan of doing what everyone else is doing and we're more than just laser cutters. Being in 100% control of our laser time and designs I wanted to create something fun and functional. 

We are proud offer our Pop-up Village Houses "kit". Simple, unique, lightweight, Made in the USA by us (duh) and something that you can customize! I LOVE the coloring for all movement. So many of my friends post pictures daily of their work and current books that they are working on. I'm personally a paints girl. I love doodling with paint. I wanted to offer something that someone could have as is or indulge in customizing it with paint or markers.

Customizing a village of pop-up houses.

John had to reign me in with this project. I drew up at least a dozen classic traditional styled homes. I had dozens of accessories I HAD TO HAVE! I also wanted to design the house to look like the houses or houses that were in the neighborhoods that I've lived in. That will be in the next round - or we can talk about customizing a design similar to a house you might have in mind. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

One of the many design phases for the Pop-up Houses. I also can't draw a straight line to save my ass. 

One of the many design phases for the Pop-up Houses. I also can't draw a straight line to save my ass. 

We settled on a core group of accessories, planters, grass, hedges and a stylish potted plant. But a mailbox, Christmas tree, forest trees and fencing are coming soon too.

The complete village set including standard accessories. 

We designed these with a simple set up in mind. You simply slide the houses and accessories onto the footers. That's it. They are nice and lightweight and fairly small in size. They can be displayed anywhere. I have to put out the warning that since there are smaller pieces that can be swallowed, we recommend this for pre-teens and up. 

A little display in our living room. 

Our pop-up houses are available as a set or individually. I can't wait to see some customized by you!

Lasers and love -Thea

Where in the world is Whidbey Island?

When I tell people I'm from an island in the Puget Sound, they instantly assume I'm from Vashon, Bainbridge or one of the San Juans. That always seemed odd to me, because everyone seems to overlook the largest island in the state of Washington - Whidbey Island. It's the fourth largest and longest island in the contiguous United States. 

I'll openly admit that I've had a long love/hate relationship with the island. My fellow Islanders understand that statement. There are two ways on and off that big rock. (Unless you are lucky enough to own your own boat.) The big tourist attraction that is the Deception Pass Bridge, was my main way off since I grew up 3 miles away from it. There's no place like it. Mother nature is commanding with the deadly currents below the industrial bridge's impressive span where you can view Mount Baker to the east and the Straight of Juan De Fuca to the west. To northenders, the south end was largely for secret fishing spots, the county fair, art galleries, loganberries at the Greenbank Farm and a ferry ride to the mainland. 

John's first trip to Whidbey Island 2013 - The north side of the Deception Pass Bridge on Fidalgo Island.

A desktop cellphone shelf we designed a while back, based on the architecture of the Deception Pass Bridge. 

I was born in the late 1970's when there were still forests in "downtown" Oak Harbor. Which in later years when I was in high school the parking lots that were once forests became a meeting/hangout spot. A grocery store parking lot. Yes, friends that is an insight to part of the hate relationship I have with the island. There wasn't a whole lot going on. I grew up in a very rural area about 7 miles north of "town".  I spent a lot of my time on my bike prior to getting my license. Well, if you knew me then, I did drive a little bit before I had my license. :D In retrospect now, I feel lucky for growing up that way even though I longed for mainlander city life. I know a lot about plants, trees and animals that are native to the island. I was forced to be creative not only for entertainment but also during times the power was out due to 60+ mile hour winds. There are many things like that I share a bond with my childhood friends that no one understands or can relate to. It's kind of special and many of us joke about writing a book to recount our islander childhood. We all seems to share a love and appreciation for that rock now. 

Since the inception of our business I've been asked and have created many Whidbey themed items. We all seem to want to have a piece of "home" with us in our lives.  While I have a huge list of half-done projects, I've decided to share one item that we made that I love. A Whidbey Island mini chalkboard for my fellow island people. 

Admittedly, this post took me sometime to write up. "Home" especially with such character is hard to condense down into a few paragraphs. 

Lasers and love - "Dorothya from The Rock"

Hot and Fresh Out Da' Kitchen

..mama rollin' dat body got every man in here wishin'... Hey, when you have an ear worm you roll with it. 

This weekend I fiddled around with ye olde website and gave it a bit of a facelift. It's been a little over a year since we started and back then I just tossed a little something - something together and called it good. 

Our new BIGGER gallery page

Over the past year, we're worked on tons of various projects and prototypes. We have a lot more to share about our designs, work style and capabilities. We'll be showcasing a few things on our brand spanking new YouTube Channel. But a fresh new website was needed.

Our shop page is now categorized and our site is searchable! Yay for technology!!! (That I figured out!!!)

Go ahead and search us.

Let us know what you think! Or if you find any typos, I'm pretty much the typo queen of Washington State. 

Lasers and love - Thea 

Sneak Peek

We are totally in the camp of stores not putting out a holiday's themed items way before the actual holiday. But in the retail game you are creating your items well ahead of time. Especially right before the end of the year. As a designer I get giddy about products that we develop months ahead of the their release time. Sometimes I share my original sketches or our Corel Draw work in progress shots on our Instagram. John and I have worked on this product for months. It will be our first kit product! 

Coming Soon! 

This is just a teaser of what is to come. We'll be launching it in October. But I have had the most fun with project! 

"What happened to Bigfoot."

Can you tell? John had to reign me and my imagination in a little bit on this. John is not only my partner in life and in business but also my voice of reason for my creative process. 

Many of our buyers have asked us for kits. There are so many kits out there for various things, I wanted to make sure ours was something easy to do and fun. 

I hope I'm making you curious. 

Lasers and love - Thea

Hello My Name Is...

Hi friends! I had to take another mini break from posting updates. We've been making items like the dickens to fulfill wholesale orders that we received at the Seattle Gift Show! We will proudly share the names of our newest stockists as soon as our shipments head out to them. The Seattle Gift Show was our first tradeshow experience. We went in "green" not knowing what to expect and it turned out to be a fun event. We had great neighbors that we're calling friends now and made some great local connections. It was great being commended for just being a local company! 

In other news; I know I've been promising this one for a bit... and starting today you can pick up your very own Hello My Name Is - name tags!

Let everyone know when you walk into a meeting that you are Awesome or Trouble! Readymade available names are: Awesome, Bigfoot, Trouble and my personal favorite , Yo Mama. You can even customize one with your real name or whatever you'd like. But be warned you'll want to smell the name tag. That's right, smell it! Because laser cut wood smells awesome.  

That's all I got for today!

Lasers and love - Thea

Beer Me, Booze Me, Wine Me!

That's right, we've created "The Holy Trinity"! It started with Beer Me:

And we've added Booze Me:

And by popular demand, Wine Me:

Why do we call it The Holy Trinity? Well, I'm sure we're not the only ones who've spent some time "praying to the porcelain god". 

I have personally been known to say all three of these at any given time. It's just so effective when someone is walking to the kitchen/fridge/refreshment area. Beer Me! Booze Me! WINE ME! Hey, you can't get what you want unless you ask for it right? 

State your preference in your home or a special event with one, two or all three of the this trinity. Speaking of trinity, we have a little coupon code if you want to own all three.

Enter coupon code (TheTrinity) from now until Thursday July 17th, 2015 and save $5.00 off of $45.00 purchases! 

So what's your preference? We did consider Coffee Me, but let's face it, no one is in the mood to talk until the first cup of coffee is finished. Its just an unspoken understanding. 

Lasers and love - Thea

Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco California

In just a little over a week 6 by 6 is hitting the road to San Francisco! We will be vending at the Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco edition July 18 & 19. 


We will be at booth #232B in the Herbst Pavilion! Will have our classics (BeerMe, We Hate Everything Together) and much more! Including the West Coast in chalkboard magnet form!

That's right! We've completed the continental West Coast of the United States by adding California to the mix! And true to our style they were designed to fit together.  

We will have loads of the Golden State on hand at Renegade in San Francisco. Unable to come to the show to grab one for yourself? Not a problem, I've just posted them in our shop.

We're excited to hit the road and have an adventure! 

Lasers and love, Thea

Pacific Northwest Lifer - Keychains Update

When we opened our business doors about a year ago this month, we had a plethora of ideas that we wanted to bring to fruition. Aside from my ninjas, my Pacific Northwest Lifer logo was first on my list. I wanted to put Pacific Northwest Lifer onto everything. While the rest of our country is pretty great and beautiful too, I was raised at sea level among towering evergreen trees with rugged mountain ranges in the distance. This is home for me.  We happened upon some reclaimed wood and created our original designed PNWLifer keychains. 

Since it's been a year, we decided to update the look of our very popular PNWLifer keychains and added two more designs!


All of the new and improved designs are available in our shop. We hope you like the new look and the new added designs. There are more in development too! 

Thanks so much for all the PNW love we've received this past year!

Lasers and love - Thea

Weekly Family Menu

I just want to thank everyone you gave us input on our weekly family menus! We weren't able to accommodate all of the suggestions. (We're developing a shopping list companion for the Weekly Menu chalkboards.) 

Pictured above is a full sample board with the super strong magnets attached. We decided to keep things simple with this board. Our personal one is much like this. We decided to leave plenty of space for writing. That decision was made because we often write down multiple meals for the day. Most people don't cook multiple meals daily but just in case you do, you have room to write. 

We selected six colors (check out that goldenrod!) and four unique fonts. You won't be able to find fonts like that in a craft store! 

I just want to say a little bit about the magnets we chose. THEY ARE RIDICULOUSLY STRONG. They might look tiny but these suckers really stick. 

We do offer customization for these too! You can add whatever title or name you'd like (within 24 characters) for an additional fee. Otherwise, our stock ones simply say "Family Menu" on top. 

We hope these find their way into homes that need help keeping organized or homes with kids who ask that day in and day out question to their parental unit "What's for dinner?".

Lasers and love - Thea 


Some Advice

* Warning* 

This post contains profanity. If you are sensitive to language consider skipping this post. 

Just this morning on Facebook my best friend of 33 years posted a little meme picture that read "fucks need to be earned."  We see things like this posted all over the internet which are meant to inspire really caring about what matters. It might be in a so-called crude way but you get the point. 

Not long ago I was spinning my wheels hard about something really stupid. We've all been there right? You get worked up over something for various reasons. An hour later you forget why you are actually mad.  Maybe someone said something on the internet that pissed you off.  After awhile you question whether or not you actually like that person who said that dumb thing to begin with. Or maybe you didn't understand where someone was coming from and then later learned more details about the situation and then you get it. Unnecessary fucks spent. 

We've all been there. We've all lost it over really dumb stuff. It's really a shame to invest so much energy into a whole lot of nothing. That includes people. People can be shitty sometimes, but time spent on the ones who actually matter are worth it. 

"Two of the most valuable things we have is time and relationships with other people. - Candy Chang"

I firmly believe that. 

Spend your fucks wisely. Spend them on people who want nothing from you but quality time. Don't waste them on the bitch that sped up and cut you off in the parking lot to get that open space. Don't waste it on that cashier at the grocery store who yelled at you about how you put things on the conveyor belt. Don't waste time on people you've let go of.  Most of all don't be mad at yourself, keep moving forward and learn to spend your fucks wisely. 

Lasers & love - Thea