Our Story

John - an Oregon native. Thea - a Washington native.  Both Woodinville, Washington residents and PNW Lifers. We met through a series of bad pictures of Thea taken by a mutual friend who chaperoned our first date. 

John Bronleewe & Thea Starr

John was homeschooled until high school and developed a boundary-less imagination, Thea growing up on an island with a limited amount of resources, they share an unconventional creative process. John has been working professionally with laser engravers for more than 8 years, along with various graphic design work for well over a decade. Thea has been involved in the maker's movement for 14 years, with a professional background and education in business management and accounting. Thea is also a founder (and retired skater) of a women's flat track roller derby league

 Our Name

Together we have a blended family with six children, four girls and two boys. John is the eldest of six and Thea is the youngest of six. Six seemed to be our number thus came the company name, 6 by 6 Arts.

John and Thea with their six kids on their eldest son's June 2015 graduation day

John and Thea with their six kids on their eldest son's June 2015 graduation day

Our Process

Surrounded by immense natural beauty in the Pacific Northwest, we take a lot of inspiration from our own backyard. Lush evergreens, mountains, beautiful bodies of water, unique architecture and diverse communities. We also have a full life with six children in our blended family that brings an array of humorous sayings and discussions that are inspiring. 

We take pride in using American made materials, resources and machines. We also focus on using recycled materials like reclaimed wood from building salvage. We are hands on with our products. We hand clean, sand, paint, stain and package our products ourselves. We even create our own packaging in house with our laser. Laser work isn't simply hitting print on our machine. We spend a lot of hands on time with our work, which we feel makes our work stand out. 

We offer custom services, private labeling and small batch manufacturing. For more information please visit our Custom Services page

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John & Thea