Whidbey Island, Washington

                                                                                              Whidbey Island, Washington

Welcome to the landing page for our wedding! 

A formal invitation will be sent to our guests. 

In the meantime - please visit our password protected page for reservation and other important wedding information.

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While we'd LOVE to invite everyone we know, we aren't famously rich yet and we will be keeping our wedding small.

For those who still want to throw gifts at us anyways, here is a link to our registry.

About the Save The Date cards. 

The postcard included in our Save The Dates is artwork by our friend who owns Unusual Cards. We know that we have many religious people in our lives. We truly with deep gratitude appreciate your blessings and prayers. We know that those thoughts come from a good place. We are sincerely thankful for them. The postcard isn't meant to offend anyone, it's simply meant to show some humor and our personal stance on religion as a couple. Religion is something that we both grew up with.  We received many life lessons from religion in our early lives. Through self growth, maturity and life experiences we both independently decided for ourselves that religion has no place in our lives. 

Our wedding ceremony will be about our commitment to each other without religious ties. 

In this time of our lives, we firmly believe we know what the important things are in a marriage without religious guidance. We look forward to sharing our sentiments of love, declaration of appreciation for each other and receiving support from those whom we hold close on our special day.

See you soon!

John & Thea