Gift Giving Bonanza: Small Business Supports Single Parents

It's that time of the year when we bust open our pocketbooks to buy our loved ones gifts. Everyone has tough times now and then. I've been a single mom before and I was raised by a single father. It can be quite the juggling act financially around the holidays.  

Rosalie of Ugly Baby Shower Art and I are launching a website today called Gift Giving Bonanza: Small Business Supports Single Parents

We are each doing giveaways of kid friendly items to single parents this holiday season and we are hoping to get a bunch of people to join us. This website: Gift Giving Bonanza is a list of all the small businesses that are hosting giveaways.

So of course I am submitting a giveaway from both of my businesses. From 6 by 6 we are giving away TWO of our Submarine - Yellow ornaments


To submit a nominee follow this link is here:

The giveaway runs through December 12, 2014. I will use a randomized selector to choose the winner. We will notify the winners via the submitted email of their winnings. 

Be sure to check out the other stores that are offering giveaways too