Forever Or Whatever

Yesterday, we quietly listed a sign with a wider appeal than our "We Hate Everything Together" signs. 


Like all things we do, it starts with a doodle.

My doodles are often crazy and more elaborate than they should be. This one wasn't too bad. As you can see there are some changes/development notes that occurred with this.  I was thinking of a classic and simple design. Something that could be multi purpose. Truth be told, I'm not a Valentine's Day girl. I'm also not a flowers and open the door for me girl. I'm a beer and ramen lady, hey it's hard to hate on someone who brings you food to eat. But I do like sweet little things like this. It could be for any day. After all it's appropriate to convey love for someone everyday.

 "Forever & Ever Babe" was my original wording. John then morphed into "Forever or Whatever", which we all found hilarious but we get enough "evil side eyeing" about our "We Hate Everything Together" stuff.  So we decided on "Forever".  We hope others will too. Not just the sign but after you've lived a bit and grown into yourself we hope you all find someone to fill your heart up for forever. Lovers, friends, puppies, whatever floats your boat.


Love is good. 

Lasers & Love - Thea