Thank you 2015!

We've been taking a few days for family time. Out of town visits and moving our eldest boy out as he begins his college adventure. Hopefully you all have been able to squeeze some good times out of the last few weeks of the year.

2015 has been an incredible first full year in business! (We've only been in business for 16 months!) We've learned a lot over the past 12 months. Discovered what products of ours are loved and which ones need some work. We have three big craft shows and one trade show under our belts. We're hoping that there will be many more in 2016. Lastly, we've discovered endless possibilities with our custom manufacturing services. An aspect of our business that wasn't much of a consideration in our original business plan. It has turned out to be our favorite thing to do! Constant fresh ideas coming from an array of companies and individuals.

John, our kids and I, all want to say a big thank you to everyone who generally supported us this past year. We truly win in the friends, family and business friends/customers department. Thank you so much! 

We already have many exciting things up our sleeves for 2016! It's definitely going to be a great and big year for us. I hope you'll keep following us along with our adventure.

Lasers, love and gratitude - John & Thea