A little late night rambling.

Over the weekend I, (Thea) vending at Seattle's premier craft show - Urban Craft Uprising. It's one of my favorite weekends in the year. Lots and lots of work, but equally as much fun. John tagged along to help me out all weekend. We also celebrated our eldest son Calvin, 19th birthday. He'll be flying the coop soon heading out to college. I made the "traditional" worms in dirt birthday pie.

We've shifted gears as we both plan to take 6 by 6 down to Portland for Crafty Wonderland's Super Colossal Holiday Sale!

We're super excited! We'll be there for the First Pick Pre Show too! We're coming stocked with all of our Lifer goods, chalkboards, Pop-Up Villages and signs! We'll have boatloads of the small "We Hate Everything Together" signs since Crafty Wonderland included a photo of it in their newsletter recently. We've been getting so much love from that. (Thank you!)


I'll hopefully squeeze in one more post before we head down Friday. We do have a couple new products that we've been waiting to introduce! Things have been so wonderfully busy that I'm a bit behind on the posting. We hope everyone is making it through this holiday season as best as you can possible. 

Lasers and love - Thea