Lionheart Coffee Company

Mmmm... coffee... I basically fill that PNWestern stereotype of a crazy coffee person. I love it. We drink obscene amounts of it here. I love the taste of a good cup of coffee. So when we were contacted by Lionheart Coffee Company to do some signs for them I was really excited. 

We did some beautiful custom laser cut wood signs of their logo. Which is very clean and sleek. 

We also did a laser engraved conference room sign and bathroom sign featuring braille for them too. 

Cute right?

Cute right?

They are opening up their shop in Beaverton, Oregon this winter. They are currently under construction after completing a successful Kickstarter campaign. I'm excited to visit and enjoy a great coffee experience created by four friends who are building a foundation for their company of being good.

Can't go wrong with that and a good cup of coffee. Meet us in Beaverton this winter at Lionheart Coffee Company. 

Lasers & love -Thea