CreativeLive - SEO for Etsy with Marlo Miyashiro

Tomorrow our friend Marlo Miyashiro will be teaching two CreativeLive classes in Seattle that are available for streaming and for download. The first one is Etsy 101: Launch your handmade shop.  Before I go on, let me just praise Marlo for a minute. I've known her for a few years now through our local maker's movement. She has been a leader in many creative groups. As well as an advisor to many on everything from starting your business to photography. I'll personally give her a nod to being just a great person to giggle and talk smack about life with. So, I'm basically saying she's great and you should check out her classes. Added bonus, if I read my emails right another great and super fun lady who runs Max & Post Co. will also be in the audience. 

Okay, back to the classes. The second class will be SEO for Etsy and we will be in the studio audience and you might be able to see a product or two of ours in the show. 

I'm familiar with SEO, but with constant changes in Etsy categories and everything else, I'm looking forward to any information that keeps information relevant and evolving. Consider checking it out if you have an Etsy shop! 

Lasers & Love - Thea