8 bit Hearts and Liking Most Things About You

After much teasing, I finally listed our 8 bit heart cupcake toppers! Honestly, we're not Valentine's Day people so admittedly, I did drag my buns posting them. Apologies to the 8 bit lovers out there who wanted to get a jump on them for Valentine's Day. 

They are awfully sweet and I pictured them used at party or even a wedding! 

On a more truthful oriented wall art note, we did recently introduce our newest sign just in time for "love season". 

You know, for the times you want to your loved one some real honestly about your love. When you're in a long term love we know that "most things" is realistic and honest and quite frankly endearing. Most is better than very little or none. 

Ah love... we'll be rolling out a few more new items along the love lines soon. Later this week we'll be announcing our newest stockist and tomorrow I'll share a bit about a little project we did over the weekend for a family member. 

Lastly, Happy Lunar New Year for those who celebrate it!

Lasers and love -Thea