New Stockist - Timberline Lodge (Yes, THE Timberline Lodge)

Recently, John and I travelled to OSU for a volleyball tournament for one of our daughters. Any parent with a kid in a demanding activity, knows how long days can get while traveling with a team/group. Every night we were more than excited to chill out in the hotel. Taking off our shoes, eating some snacks and zoning out on tv. We happened to catch one of those "Northwest History" shows that featured the Timberline Lodge one night in the hotel. John and I both commented how we both hadn't been out that way in years and guzzled up all the historic information that show shared about the lodge.  What an amazing place with incredible art.

Fast forward a month and a half, we had spontaneous interaction with a representative from the lodge and they asked about our products and the rest is history. You can find our goods at the lodge's gift shop. Now, you should just go because it's one of the most magical places on Earth with a rich history and it's not too far from Portland.

But for you PNW Stephen King fans, might we inspire a bit of wanderlust... as it is "The Overlook Hotel" in the movie The Shining. At least the exterior is. 

Add it to your travel bucket lists friends!

Lasers and love - Thea