Small Batch Manufacturing - Pinoy Stitch

While we do have our own retail line, we also do a lot of small batch manufacturing for other companies. Small batch manufacturing is a cost effective way for companies to test their product out on the market. Especially handmade makers, where many of us have other employment commitments, makers that are just starting up or like us, makers that take pride in American made products. 

A great example of that is Pinoy Stitch's DIY Slide Tin Trinket Box and DIY Circle Pendants

Pinoy Stitch provided us with their vision and artwork and through a small testing process we created components for their products. Personally I am a needlework fan (junkie) so I've been  excited about their product development and the end result of course!


We're proud to produce components for such a great idea!

To grab a DIY Slide Tin Trinket Box or DIY Circle Pendant for yourself please visit Pinoy Stitch!

Lasers and love - Thea

(Photos by Pinoy Stitch - used with permission.)