Solitude in the Snow

Admittedly, I've been disconnecting on social media recently. I've been using my time behind the scenes to put effort into things that mean something to me and my family as a whole. With our sarcastic and snarky products, it's hard to believe that we're all a bunch of "Pollyannas" at heart.  We are and we believe in good.

Snow day 2/6/2017

Snow day 2/6/2017

Today was a forced reminder to unplug, clear our minds and enjoy the moment. Focus on the important and meaningful things. No power, no school and family time in the snow.


  I don't want to get too political or go into "parent mode", we do make snarky stuff for a reason. We're just silly laser cutters in the PNW when it comes down to it. But it's nice to unplug, refocus and refresh. We hope you all are able to do the same for yourselves.


Because no one should really want to punch their cousin over they're dumb social media posts.  😏

Lasers and love - Thea