Sneak Peek

We are totally in the camp of stores not putting out a holiday's themed items way before the actual holiday. But in the retail game you are creating your items well ahead of time. Especially right before the end of the year. As a designer I get giddy about products that we develop months ahead of the their release time. Sometimes I share my original sketches or our Corel Draw work in progress shots on our Instagram. John and I have worked on this product for months. It will be our first kit product! 

Coming Soon! 

This is just a teaser of what is to come. We'll be launching it in October. But I have had the most fun with project! 

"What happened to Bigfoot."

Can you tell? John had to reign me and my imagination in a little bit on this. John is not only my partner in life and in business but also my voice of reason for my creative process. 

Many of our buyers have asked us for kits. There are so many kits out there for various things, I wanted to make sure ours was something easy to do and fun. 

I hope I'm making you curious. 

Lasers and love - Thea