Time Has Been Flying By

Well, I've dozed off on blogging again. We've been blessed with busy and fun filled days as of late. Let's back up back to Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. 

6 by 6 Arts takes on Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco Summer 2015


6 by 6 Arts takes on Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco Summer 2015

Thanks so much to all who came out and visited us! We had such a great time and hope to return to San Francisco for future shows. 

After we made it home we immediately fulfilled some standing wholesale orders. One of which is with a super cute little shop in North Bend, WA called Selah Gifts. Just a block away from Twede's Cafe. Also known as the "Double R Diner".

We also squeezed in a few family days since the kids are still on summer break and we managed to coordinate schedules with John's family and our six kids for a little family trip. 

Today we are preparing for a trade show this weekend as well as working on some custom items that I can't wait to share! More soon!

Lasers and love, Thea

handmade. la conner

One of the biggest surprises we've had after buying our Epilog Laser, was being approached by a handful of our fellow artists to do packaging and business related items for their businesses.  Oddly, that wasn't a consideration with our original business plan. It's definitely been a really fun learning experience and something we really enjoy.

handmade. la conner is one of those companies. Now to start I will admit that I am a wee bit biased for the following reasons. Number 1: Robyn makes THE best lotion balls. Period. I love them they work really well. I'm like an unsolicited walking advertisement for them. She makes other really great items that I can praise too. But the lotion balls are my personal favorite.  Number 2: I had the great pleasure of being next to Robyn at her very first Urban Craft Uprising show with my other company. She was fresh and new on the scene. I was really impressed with her effort and attitude. It was no surprise to me to witness the great growth she's had. Number 3: Her brick and mortar store is in La Conner, Washington. I was born and raised on Northeast Whidbey Island. La Conner is just a hop skip and a jump away from there and it's absolutely beautiful. Robyn's shop compliments the beauty of the town. 

We recently created her new laser engraved business cards on 140 weight cardstock that is made in the USA. 

handmade. la conner

handmade. la conner

We hope that she will give out many as she's getting a bit of attention from Martha Stewart's American Made contest. We've been voting for her and you can too by following this link

Lasers & love - Thea