Icosahedrons & Damn Fine Cup(s) Of Coffee

It's a little late in the game today. Which is actually the norm these days. I suffer from the exact opposite of SAD. Fall & Winter are my most creative times and I'm always full of energy. Poor John is constantly bombarded with random ideas blurted out at him.  One of the most recent blurts is this: 

Twin Peaks is one of my all time favorite TV shows. I'm thrilled that there will be a revival season in 2016.  One of my favorite quotes from the series is: "You know, this is - excuse me - a  damn fine cup of coffee...". When Special Agent Dale Cooper sits down for breakfast at The Great Northern. Whenever I come across a damn fine cup of coffee that scene rolls through my mind.

Additionally we added some icosahedrons (I LOVE saying icosahedrons!) to our 2014 ornament line

Geometric shapes are always in style are beautiful. And who says you have to limit your tree trimmings to Santa or snowman theme fair! It's your tree! You do whatever you want. :)

I hope you've enjoyed my evening's rambling! 

Lasers & Love -Thea