Pacific Northwest Lifer - Keychains Update

When we opened our business doors about a year ago this month, we had a plethora of ideas that we wanted to bring to fruition. Aside from my ninjas, my Pacific Northwest Lifer logo was first on my list. I wanted to put Pacific Northwest Lifer onto everything. While the rest of our country is pretty great and beautiful too, I was raised at sea level among towering evergreen trees with rugged mountain ranges in the distance. This is home for me.  We happened upon some reclaimed wood and created our original designed PNWLifer keychains. 

Since it's been a year, we decided to update the look of our very popular PNWLifer keychains and added two more designs!


All of the new and improved designs are available in our shop. We hope you like the new look and the new added designs. There are more in development too! 

Thanks so much for all the PNW love we've received this past year!

Lasers and love - Thea

The Starr Flower

Okay, it's no secret that I (Thea) have another company that has indulged my borderline crazy love for vintage kimono fabrics. I love that I can bring old fabrics back to life.  When John and I discussed purchasing a laser to go into business together, the little hamster wheel in my head immediately started churning up ideas for products for my other company. Because, you know, it's always about my fabrics...first....always.

The Starr Flower is the first project to come to fruition from the long list of my ideas. 

The Starr Flower - An Original By Thea Starr & 6 by 6 Arts

The Starr Flower - An Original By Thea Starr & 6 by 6 Arts

The aptly named Starr Flower is based on the Chinese Bellflower. When your last name is Starr I think it's just assumed you love everything with stars on them. This is no exception. 

The Starr Flower - An Original By Thea Starr & 6 by 6 Arts

The Starr Flower - An Original By Thea Starr & 6 by 6 Arts

It's a combination two things that I love, vintage kimono fabrics and walnut wood. Maple is available too but I love dark walnut woods. I did a little doodle that John translated into laser language and we laser cut out American maple and walnut woods.

We tend to do a lot of larger pieced works so we loved trying our hands at smaller personal items. Which we have a few more of up our sleeves. Stay tuned for those. 

Lasers & love - Thea