Island People Are In Fact Weird

A couple years ago a couple of my childhood friends and I vacationed together on our home island. We visited our old neighborhoods and special places where we once roamed. Which of course led to debauchery. Let's face it, when you hang out with childhood friends no matter what age you are your maturity reverts to a lesser level.  To make a long story short, one of us spotted a flock of pink flamingos in the front of a local establishment and we may or may not have attempted to "borrow" one of them. Let's just say, the plan hilariously failed and will live on in friendship lore.  

*Disclaimer - In no shape or form do I promote unauthorized "borrowing". In our defense, as the title of this entry claims, island people are in fact weird and do weird things. It's always in good fun. We promise.*

Funny where inspiration comes from right? I do like the appeal of the kitschy-ness of the pink flamingos. I thought it would be fun to have them standing proudly in my indoor plants. 

As the listing notes, my first intention was to make some standard plant identification stakes. But my mind deviated and end up with these. 

Thea's original flamingo sketch.

Thea's original flamingo sketch.


They do absolutely nothing but make you smile. And hey, we own a laser can bring our crazy ideas to life like this. 

Lasers and love - Thea