Weekly Menu Chalkboard Weekend Sale!

Earlier today, I started my weekly task of planning out our weekly menu. Sometimes it's more of a taxing task than I'd like it to be. If you're someone who is in charge of this task, you know what I mean. 

6 by 6 Arts | Weekly Menu Chalkboard

It can feel mundane or frustrating even because sometimes it's just hard to plan.  

For me, I have to do this. Normally, I have four individual schedules to work around. And for me, I really like to avoid the last minute decision of what to eat. It usually ends up being expensive, something that I don't really want and probably unhealthy.  

Our weekly menu chalkboard is my absolute favorite thing we've created. Sure, I love our "We Hate Everything Together" stuff, but I use our menu boards every week. I am able to create my grocery list based on my menu plans.  This helps me not starve my family. Or want to strangle them when I'm asked 40 times a day "What's for dinner?". Bonus! If there's a clear laid out menu plan, anyone available to cook is empowered to do so!

6 by 6 Arts | Weekly Menu Chalkboard

So with Mother's Day on the horizon, I've knocked $5.00 off the normal price for just this weekend only!!!  

Sale ends 4/30/17 11:59pm PST.  

Grab one for mom, your roommate, yourself or your best friend! 

Lasers and love- (and Tacos on Tuesdays! 🌮) Thea  

Geek Love for all!

If you've been following us on our Instagram, you know we've been busy with some manufacturing jobs. But we are taking the day off this Saturday April 9th to attend the Emerald City Comicon. I picked up passes for our family as a birthday present for my son. We're so stoked.

We wanted to share our excitement about attending (and me finally getting to see Nathan Fillion in person!!!), we decided that we're going to have a weekend sale on our entire Geek Love line! 

Save 25% off our entire Geek Love line by entering code: criticalhit at checkout. 

Offer is valid April 8th, 2016 12:01am PST to April 10th, 2016 11:59pm PST.

If you're lucky enough to be attending the sold out Saturday day, we hope to see you there! 

Lasers and love - Thea