We're in Chicago!

D'oh! I failed to hit "post" before we headed east! 


But we are here in Chicago! Today you can catch us in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago at the Renegade Craft Fair From 11-7! We're in booth #284 near the beer! Day one was incredible and we sold out of a few things! So today we're going to put most of what we have left on sale! 

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Lasers and love - Thea

Custom Roller Derby Team Necklaces

If you've been following along for a bit, you know I'm a retired rollergirl. My very good friend and I founded the Jet City Rollergirls league in 2006.

It was one of my best life choices. We created a community of camaraderie and inclusion. Especially within our own "home" teams. My team is the Camaro Harem. The "Harem" celebrated a championship victory this season.  


The captains wanted to give a season end gift to the team and asked me to help by creating team necklaces. 


My former teammate saw the necklace I had on at a bout and thought it would be a good season end gift. 


We're not huge fans of using acrylic because of the smell that it creates when it's cut. But it is a must for certain projects. I personally added chain to each necklace so the total length was approximately 20" inches. Not too long, not too short. 


John designed the stacked layout with a Harem star, because it was just too long to put on one line. Plus the font was much smaller. This stacked version is easy to read and looks really great and similar to the team's current logo. 


I absolutely loved this project, I love how they turned out. Of course it was close to my heart and very special. 

Lasers and love - Thea 

Weekly Menu Chalkboard Weekend Sale!

Earlier today, I started my weekly task of planning out our weekly menu. Sometimes it's more of a taxing task than I'd like it to be. If you're someone who is in charge of this task, you know what I mean. 

6 by 6 Arts | Weekly Menu Chalkboard

It can feel mundane or frustrating even because sometimes it's just hard to plan.  

For me, I have to do this. Normally, I have four individual schedules to work around. And for me, I really like to avoid the last minute decision of what to eat. It usually ends up being expensive, something that I don't really want and probably unhealthy.  

Our weekly menu chalkboard is my absolute favorite thing we've created. Sure, I love our "We Hate Everything Together" stuff, but I use our menu boards every week. I am able to create my grocery list based on my menu plans.  This helps me not starve my family. Or want to strangle them when I'm asked 40 times a day "What's for dinner?". Bonus! If there's a clear laid out menu plan, anyone available to cook is empowered to do so!

6 by 6 Arts | Weekly Menu Chalkboard

So with Mother's Day on the horizon, I've knocked $5.00 off the normal price for just this weekend only!!!  

Sale ends 4/30/17 11:59pm PST.  

Grab one for mom, your roommate, yourself or your best friend! 

Lasers and love- (and Tacos on Tuesdays! 🌮) Thea  

Spring Cleaning

Twice a year I have to basically strip the work areas down to the bare bone (tabletops). There are two times of the year where I am the busiest. The first six months immediately followed by the last 6 months. KIDDING! Sort of. If you've been following along you know that I have two businesses. One business is super busy during "wedding season".  March to September are the core times for me with that. 6 by 6 flourishes during wholesale reordering times, which is all the time but there are particular stock up times for a majority of our buyers and the holiday months. We just know that we'll sleep when we're dead during the holiday months. Makers have a joke that we'll sleep when it's pajamuary (January), after all the holidays have passed. 

If you've ever been around creative makers while they are making, you know they tend to be messy. I'm hella messy when I'm working. I have piles of fabrics, wood, paint, papers and more in my work areas. I get into a groove and become a working machine. I don't want to put stuff back when in said groove! So some areas become disheveled and require some extra tidying up. 

6 by 6 Arts workspace

We've had a few recent requests to be filmed/photographed in our workspaces, which is basically our entire home. So we had to do our spring cleaning a bit earlier than normal. I always love the clean slate of tidied up areas and it usually lasts a bit. I don't want you thinking that we live and work in a pig sty. We are maximalists, so we have a very full home but it's really not as cluttered or dirty as I make it sound. For me it was mostly the pressure of showing our workspaces to the world. It's intimate, personal and a brutally honest look into our life, especially since we work from our home. Whenever, I invite someone over, I want to make them feel welcome and not overwhelmed. There's a lot to look at in our home. Our kid's friends love being here because it is "homey".

Thea's desk area

I've been trying to remember to share little peeks of our home on Instagram. We do decorate and incorporate our own products around our home. We're our own product testers obviously and I know others like to see how we use them. Is there a product of ours that you'd like to see in action? Let me know in the comments and I'll make it happen.

As always- thanks so much for reading!

Lasers and love - Thea